Searching for Ideal Bike

Taking their cue from the most refined, finest vehicles from all times, Keim’s bicycles are a blend of nature’s ingenuity and the best of technology.  Their workshop is equipped to attain that special mix and will produce your customised ideal frame.

They say: “A bike is ideally a continuation of the human body, a machine made to transform one’s energy into thrust.”  Therefore, the customer, serious cyclists and collectors inspire them to invent, shape and perfection into their bicycle frames to give all a bigger, better trailblazing adventure to share with friends and family.

All Keim bicycles are made of ash wood.

Their uniqueness comes from the question of time:

  1. Time for the imagination to glide through images.
  2. An Ash trees growth cycle.
  3. The time to perform tests through OVL technology, repeatedly.
  4. All the time it took a man to perfect their work on wood.
  5. The moment when time stood still when the craftsman starts the work on the raw, unprocessed material, to bring to life your one-of-a-kind frame.

Each Keim bicycle is customised and design to the clients’ requirements and the whole manufacturing process will take one month from modelling to final packaging.  Your bicycle will be shipped and delivered, fully assembled.  You will only need to mount the front wheel.

All bicycle frames are guaranteed for five years.

All bicycle frames are weatherproof and shockproof under normal use and circumstances.

All repairs can be done by your usual bicycle dealer.

For Keim to fully dedicate their selves to each customer, they never produce more than 50 bicycles a year.  Through this kind of dedication, they provide machines to make time stand still.