From ancient times wood has been used to build carriages, boats, and ships.
The Hittites and Egyptians used Ash to build the carriages with which they went into battles and competed in ceremonial races. These Carriages were light, although decorated in ceremonial sculptures and designs.

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In the Eighteenth Century, Royal Carriages were the epitome of luxury and power. Adorned with gold leafed wood and silk hangings some of these carriages were worth the price of a castle.
The Vikings’ notorious longship fleets were made of oak. These boats had an extensive elasticity which enabled them to glide over waves and withstand the open seas. Their shallow-draught hulls were light enough to be hauled overland by their crew.
All through the centuries wooden boats sailed the seas and discovered the world, fought battles and transported passengers and goods.
The very first aircraft was entirely made of wood. Several of these wooden aeroplanes became best sellers.
And then we have KEIM bicycles. All Keim bicycle frames are manufactured from OVL monocoque(structural skin) white ash wood. These bicycles are reliable, lightweight and designed to last. They will carry you over unrivalled distances and have a weather resistant marine glazing that will protect the exterior through all weather conditions.
The exclusively custom designed manufacturing process of our bicycles will guarantee exceptional pleasure and unparalleled comfort.