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Why Hand-Crafted, High-Tech Wooden Bikes give a Better Ride

Why Hand-Crafted, High-Tech Wooden Bikes give a Better Ride

All bikes used to be made out of wood.  Later on, it just became easier to use other materials to build bicycles.  Before, Wooden bicycles needed to be crafted mostly by hand, but technology reached a point, now, where wooden bicycles can partially be made by machine.

But can the features of wooden bikes really be compared favourably to the features of usual bikes, made of carbon, aluminium or steel?

Interesting advantages and facts about Wood used in bicycle production

  1. Wood does not crack from dents, like metals, nor notch-sensitive or damage-concealing as carbon is.
  2. Wooden bicycles frames have much greater tolerance than other frame materials.
  3. Although wood is tough, when damage does occur, it can be repaired easily and inexpensively.
  4. Wood excels in vibration absorption, even though just as stiff as any metal frame.
  5. The life expectancy of wood exceeds that of steel or aluminium and comes near to Carbon’s life expectancy.
  6. Wood is a sustainable product, whereas metals and carbon are not.
  7. Wood is not detrimental towards the environment, where the production processes of metals and carbon are heavily polluting.

It is believed that wood is a superior material for bicycle frames.  Not only because it looks nice but also for quality.  Wood has a superior strength to weight ratio, more so than steel.

Wooden bicycle frames are laminated with several layers of wood which will guarantee strength and stability.  This does not only make it beautiful but also weather resistant and more durable than metal frames.

Wood naturally absorbs shock and is impact resistant.  This ensures that a high-tech wooden bike gives a smoother, more comfortable ride.

People also want something they can relate to, associate with, that has handwork that needed craftsmanship, and last but not least, something to treasure.  The fact that a wooden bicycle has the ability to outlive us makes it truly magical.…