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The 5 Best Bicycle Brands in the World

The 5 Best Bicycle Brands in the World

The world over, there are many popular brands that manufacture as well as sell different types of bicycles.  Bicycles are less expensive; they take less parking space and are great for physical fitness.

The type of bicycle you chose will depend on what you need and what price you want to pay.  Most popular brands sell different types of bicycles, for example, Road bikes, Hybrid or Commuter Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Folding Bikes and more.  The price range will also differ to accommodate every type of buyer.

5 Top Bicycle Brands you can choose from

Giant Bicycle: Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer and is based in Taiwan.  Giant is a preferred brand for serious mountain bike competitors. Giant also offers a hybrid bicycle for riding in the city.  Many professionals and world champions choose Giant because of the rugged and thoughtful engineering of these bicycles.

Trek Bicycle: Trek Bicycle Corporation is one of the major bicycle and cycling product manufacturers.  They distribute bicycles worldwide under the brand names, Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Gary Fisher, Diamond Bikes and more.  Featuring strong frames and tailored construction, cyclists can take on tough rides with a Trek bicycle.

Specialized Bike: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. is a major American brand of bicycles and related products.  Specialized offers riders a uniquely strong and light ride with high-tech performance on a mountain trail or on city roads.  All their bicycle frames feature the brand’s own alloy, FACT, which stands for Functional Advanced Composite Technology.


Scott Bicycle: This Swiss Company produces bicycles, winter equipment, motorsports gear and sportswear.  They introduced a most significant innovation in the history of cycling – the clip-on aerodynamic handlebar.  They also produced a suspension fork, Unishock, and a first full-suspension mountain bicycle.

Cannondale Bicycle: This Company started out as a manufacturer of backpacks, bags for camping and later-on, bicycle trailers for bicycle touring.  Today, they produce many different types of high-end bicycles.  They specialize in aluminium and carbon fibre frames.

Most importantly, bicycles’ are environmentally friendly and could become the future of transportation.  Governments worldwide need to promote the bicycle as a preferred method of transportation through which they will create healthier citizens and a cleaner atmosphere.…

Tips on How to Choose your First Mountain Bike

Tips on How to Choose your First Mountain Bike

Deciding which Mountain Bike is perfect for you, you have to ask yourself a few questions first.  Take into account that suspension, wheel size, frame materials and gearing and brakes, is custom to each style of bicycle.  You also need to make sure that your bike fits you well.

Things to consider and questions to ask and answer:

Where and how do you plan to ride?  Different riding styles will require different styles of bikes.

Trail Bikes:  This is the most common mountain biking style, and is not specific to any type of racing.  Bicycles in this category place equal importance on fun, efficiency and overall weight, sensibility.  Meeting with friends and riding the local trailhead of climbs and descents, this bicycle style is for you.

Cross-Country Bikes:  These bicycles can be considered if you want to become competitive and would like a racier ride on the local trails.  This style of riding, place the emphasis on climbing prowess and riding fast.  Cross-Country Bikes tend to focus more on efficiency and lower weight.

Fat Bikes:  Fat Bikes are excellent choices for beginners, because of the width of the tires.  Oversized tires will give the bike excellent traction, especially in sand and snow.

All-Mountain Bikes:  All-mountain riding can be seen as trail riding on steroids.  The climbs are steeper and the descents, longer and scarier.  More technical skills are required from man, to conquer the greater natural features, of nature.  These bicycles are designed to perform well on steep descents, but also light and movable enough to pedal that steep uphill.

But choosing a right mountain bike is not an easy task, here are some buying guides from Jimmy – MountainBikesGuide.com:

  1. There are several mountain bike manufacturers on the market and he have gathered some of the best mountain bike brands for you to compare in one place.
  2. Now that you are aware of the best mountain bike brands, let’s take a look at some of the best mountain bike specific to the budget:

Downhill/Park Bikes:  These bicycles as mostly ridden in bike parks where will encounter jumps, berms, rock gardens and wooden ladders.  Downhill bikes are big and tough and riders mostly wear full-face helmets and body armour to protect them when facing these obstacles.

With a general sense of what kind of bicycle you are looking for, you can visit your speciality bike retailer to have a look at suitable models and go for a test ride on a few bikes.  This way you can decide on the best fit for you.  Your bicycle should feel like a natural extension of your whole body.…

Why Hand-Crafted, High-Tech Wooden Bikes give a Better Ride

Why Hand-Crafted, High-Tech Wooden Bikes give a Better Ride

All bikes used to be made out of wood.  Later on, it just became easier to use other materials to build bicycles.  Before, Wooden bicycles needed to be crafted mostly by hand, but technology reached a point, now, where wooden bicycles can partially be made by machine.

But can the features of wooden bikes really be compared favourably to the features of usual bikes, made of carbon, aluminium or steel?

Interesting advantages and facts about Wood used in bicycle production

  1. Wood does not crack from dents, like metals, nor notch-sensitive or damage-concealing as carbon is.
  2. Wooden bicycles frames have much greater tolerance than other frame materials.
  3. Although wood is tough, when damage does occur, it can be repaired easily and inexpensively.
  4. Wood excels in vibration absorption, even though just as stiff as any metal frame.
  5. The life expectancy of wood exceeds that of steel or aluminium and comes near to Carbon’s life expectancy.
  6. Wood is a sustainable product, whereas metals and carbon are not.
  7. Wood is not detrimental towards the environment, where the production processes of metals and carbon are heavily polluting.

It is believed that wood is a superior material for bicycle frames.  Not only because it looks nice but also for quality.  Wood has a superior strength to weight ratio, more so than steel.

Wooden bicycle frames are laminated with several layers of wood which will guarantee strength and stability.  This does not only make it beautiful but also weather resistant and more durable than metal frames.

Wood naturally absorbs shock and is impact resistant.  This ensures that a high-tech wooden bike gives a smoother, more comfortable ride.

People also want something they can relate to, associate with, that has handwork that needed craftsmanship, and last but not least, something to treasure.  The fact that a wooden bicycle has the ability to outlive us makes it truly magical.…